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Health & Well-Being


A Time for Renewal by Dr. Tanya Horne, M.D.

Spring is just a few weeks a way.   Springtime is a time for renewal, new beginnings and spring cleaning.  Before you start on those spring cleaning chores.  Stop and take some time for yourself.  As workingwomen in the home or outside the home, you are often so busy taking care of everyone else that we seldom stop to take the time to take care of ourselves.  There are projects and deadlines at work, school activities, church activities, sports, community events, family events, not to mention the cooking, cleaning and the laundry that has to be done because your son says he has no more clean undershirts to wear.  You know the saying, “A woman’s work is never done.”

Today’s women lives are filled with activities.  We are often rushing from one event to the other from sun up to sundown and we fall exhausted into the bed to sleep for just a few hours before we start all over again.   It is not a restful sleep because we are thinking about all the things we have to do tomorrow.   Proper sleep and rest is very important to your body and your overall health.   Our bodies can take only so much stress before it starts to breakdown. 

As women, we are nurturers and caregivers and we get satisfaction from caring for others.  However, if we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of anyone else.  Take a look at your schedule and eliminate those things that are not necessary.  Determine your priorities. Learn to say no and don’t feel guilty about it.  Put yourself on the schedule.  Take some time for yourself everyday if it is just 15 minutes.  Take care of your mind body and spirit.

This spring, make a promise to renew yourself:

R-Rest Get 8 hours of sleep each night

E- Eat a well- balanced diet

N-Nurture yourself and treat yourself to a massage

E-Exercise on a regular basis

W-Worship your Heavenly Father and ask Him to order your days

Dr. Tanya M. Horne, MD


Tanya M. Horne, MD is both business executive and entrepreneur. Tanya works in a professional position as a Medical Consultant at Unum Provident  in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She also is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. For more information about Tanya Horne and Arbonne International Services click here.  You may also contact her at (423) 313-7065 or


Staying the Course After the New Year’s Resolution.  Choosing a Healthier Way of Life This Year by Dr. Tanya Horne, M.D.


The New Year has just begun and it’s the time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions.   We say we are going to lose weight, exercise more, eat right, get our finances in order and save more.  We often have good intentions and we hit the blocks running.  The department stores put the  workout clothes up front, we buy new workout attire;  join the gym  and set out to improve our overall health and wellbeing by exercising, losing weight and eating right.  All too often after we start, several weeks later, the excitement of the New Year wears off and so does the new habits of eating right and exercising and achieving better health and well-being.

Exercising and eating right cannot be just the latest fad diet in an attempt to lose weight for an upcoming event; it has to become a way a life; something that you incorporate into your daily life.

Physical activity and regular exercise offer many health benefits including decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol, decreasing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to name a few.  Obesity is reaching record numbers in this country.  Current recommendation include exercising at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily.   Incorporating a good diet along with regular exercise is a great way to start the New Year for a new you.  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, limit the amount of red meats and use lean cuts of meat. Eat 1-2 servings of fish a week.  Bake or broil your meats instead of frying. Limit the amount of sweets and sugar in your diet.

The choice is ours. We can continue in our old unhealthy way of life including living a sedentary lifestyle and not exercising on  a regular basis , making bad choices in our diet and making excuses for why we don’t  eat right or why we don’t have time to exercise.  We make choices everyday .  We can choose to pass by the fast food restaurant or make healthier choices from the menu.  Even better we can save money by preparing healthy meals at home.

Make the choice to start today to improve your health and well-being.  Contact your  Family Physician before starting an exercise program. 

Tanya M. Horne, MD is a anya Horne is both business executive and entrepreneur. Tanya works in a professional position as a Medical Consultant at Unum Provident  in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She also is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. For more information about Tanya Horne and Arbonne International Services click here.  You may also contact her at (423) 313-7065 or


Interpersonal Business Communications


How Do You Know You Are Understood? by Beverly Inman-Ebel, Talk Listen Communicate


How Do You Know You Are Understood?

By Beverly Inman-Ebel

So often when someone is talking to us, we might shake our head in agreement and turn to leave because it is obvious that we have received the message.  That scenario is like the receiver who sees the ball coming right to him, so he turns to see how he is going to run with it, thus, dropping the pass. In football, you get four chances to make ten yards.  In life, you may only get one chance to get it right.

Your brain is constantly scanning information and sorting it into similar categories.  This occurs without conscious thought.  It is very similar to hearing the first three notes of a song and guessing the title. When conversations matter, slow down the process.  So what if you think you already know the song?  Let the person sing.  You may find out you were wrong.

Here are some tips to slow you down:

·         Keep your lips together and breathe through your nose.  It is very hard to interrupt this way.

·         Place your body in a relaxed position.  If sitting this could be leaning back in the chair with feet apart and your elbows on the arms of the chair.  Standing could be feet shoulder width apart with one thumb tucked into a pants pocket.

·         Using your own words, rather than the ones you just heard, repeat back your understanding of what the person said.

Slowing down only takes a minute or even thirty seconds in some cases.  It usually takes longer than that to correct a misunderstanding.  If you don’t have time to listen patiently, don’t listen at all.  Explain to the individual that you cannot listen now and quickly get a time scheduled when you can listen.  It is far better to postpone listening than to half-listen.

Understanding what another person means is the key to connecting with them.  Most words have at least five different definitions in the dictionary.  Which one is the speaker using?  If you think it can’t make much of a difference, think again.

Verbs and adjectives carry a lot of emotion in the message.  To confirm understanding, reword those verbs and adjectives to ensure you’ve got it.  For instance, if a person says to you, “We need a big sale now!” and then goes on talking, you could confirm, “So, our department will meet our target goal by selling $100,000 by the end of this week, right?”

Whenever another person is speaking in long or complicated messages, re-state what you understood them to say, before you take action.  This requires a little extra time on your part, yet it can save a big misunderstanding and the time it takes to correct it.  When you let the other person know what you have heard and they agree, you know you have understood.  And just as important, the other person knows that you have taken the time to understand.

Beverly Inman-Ebel is the CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC in Chattanooga.  She and her staff provide communication training in groups or individually.  423-622-TALK (8255)



Expectation And The Bottom Line by Beverly Inman-Ebel, TLC

In my travels around this great country talking with thousands of women business owners, many revealed to me that they started their own business because they were not advancing as quickly as they wanted.  Others replied that they wanted to do it their way and simply be their own boss.

The Center for Women’s Business Research (NY,NY) released statistics this month on average revenues per firm by gender and race of ownership based upon the 2002 Economic Census.

Average Revenues per Firm by Gender and Race of Ownership, 2002 Economic Census

$154,582  White women average revenues

$565,829  White men average revenues

$158,010  Asian women average revenues

$366,087  Asian men average revenues

$75,219   Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander women average revenues

$201,687  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander men average revenues

$73,612   American Indian and Alaska Native women average revenues

$152,349  American Indian and Alaska Native men average revenues

$65,216  Hispanic and Latino women average revenues

$182,441 Hispanic and Latino men average revenues

$37,787  Black and African American women average revenues

$107,720 Black and African American men average revenues

®Center for Women’s Business Research 2006

One statistic is consistent: women business owners earn less than men business owners.  I am confident there are multiple reasons for this.  I want to concentrate on one: expectation.

How often do we get what we expect?  The question was not asking if we get what we want.  Expectation is the anticipation of an event.  To anticipate it we must have put thought into it.  By thinking through this event, we have created a plan.  If we truly expect it to happen, we will put action into that plan.

One of the best ways to increase our expectation is to talk positively to ourselves.  I bet you encourage your best friend, sister, daughter, and mother.  Don’t stop there!  Give yourself a daily pep talk.  Do this the first thirty minutes in the morning and the last thirty minutes at night because this is when our left hemisphere of our brain is shut down.  The right hemisphere is open to suggestion and will believe whatever you tell it, so be sure to tell it positive stuff.  These are commonly known as affirmations.

There are rules to follow to ensure success with affirmations.  First, use the first tense such as “I”.  You have control and influence over your own right hemisphere so direct the message to you.  Second, use the present tense such as “I am” rather than, “I will.”  You want your brain to work on it in the here and now rather than some unspecific time in the future.  Finally, use only positive words in the affirmation.  Instead of saying, “I will not get tense during the sales call” say, “I am relaxed during the sales call.”

Once you have created three-to-five affirmations, attached mental movies to them.  Close your eyes and see them happening.  Include sound, and your other senses of touch, taste, and smell.  Visualize yourself reaching your sales goals.  Hear your presentations that you make to prospects.  Hold a new product that you have created.

Now attach these mental movies with a positive emotion, such as happiness, confidence, and pride.  Your affirmation and visualization have now been recorded in your brain as a memory.  The more positive memories we have, the more likely we are to keep going when the going gets tough.

Perhaps you do not want your business to earn more money.  If you do, remember these positive steps of 1) make affirmations; 2) visualize; and 3) attach a positive emotion.  I believe you can be anything you set your mind to be.

Beverly Inman-Ebel is the CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC.  More information can be found at or 888-BECAUSE.


Let Your Voice Be Heard by Beverly Inman-Ebel

Majority women-owned firms have continued to grow at nearly two times the rate of all firms since 1997.  These women-owned firms have also seen growth in employees and sales: the 10.4 million firms owned by women are employing 12.8 million people and generating 1.9 trillion dollars in sales.  We are shaping this economy Sisters.

What will help your company to grow in 2007?  Look in the mirror and you will find your best asset – you!  Get passionate about your business.  No one can sell your products or service quite like you can.  Get the phone ringing by making some calls.

38% of a first impression is formed by the voice, and if you are making contacts over the phone, this percentage is even higher.  What kind of impression does your voice make?  Here are some pointers to help you to make the best impressions:

.        Remember that when we get nervous, we tend to talk faster.  Slow down your rate.  You can help lower your rate when you are speaking over the phone by slowly moving your arm as you speak.  The movement of the larger muscle (your arm) will set the rhythm or rate of your vocal folds.

·         Insert pauses.  A pause is a one-to-three second non-verbalization.  Pauses are particularly helpful after you ask a question.  This gives the person time to think and makes sure you don’t answer your own question.  Pause before you give a complex answer.  It is amazing what you brain can do with the extra three seconds.  When you have made a particular point that you want the listener to think about, is another good time to pause.

·         Lower your pitch when you need to sound more serious.  Women have thinner vocal folds than men.  The thinner fold causes our voices to sound high and excitable.  An easy way to find your correct pitch is to say, “uh-huh” in a relaxed voice.  The “huh” is the pitch that is best for you.  Compare this pitch to the one you use when you are about to complete a sale.

·         Listen to a speaker that you admire.  Notice their speech patterns and strive to emulate them.

·         Record your voice.  The easiest way to do this is to change your outgoing voice message on your phone each day.  If you want to sound excited, speak a little faster and raise your pitch on verbs and adjectives.  If you want to sound sincere, lower the pitch on these words.

Most of all, be yourself – your best self.  Know that you can paint a picture with your voice and that picture can be how your potential customer visualizes your business.

Beverly Inman-Ebel is the CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC.  She is the former national president of National Association of Women Business Owners and was named the 2004-2006 International Woman Entrepreneur by FCEM.  For further information about Beverly Iman-Ebel click her, or contact


Be Fit & Healthy! Felicia Wilson, SIB Health/Fitness Writer



Exercise 101


“The way to get things done is to begin”


Exercise: activity done to keep the body or mind strong or to make them stronger


Here are a few tips to fit exercise into your life in simple painless ways


Take Baby Steps

Keep in mind that a little is better than none and you can do something starting today, so don’t worry about what you will do tomorrow, next week, or next month. Of course this may be hard for that person who expects a lot from themselves and prefers to set long-term fitness goals. Expect to take small steps every day and don’t expect results overnight.


Starting Now

I know most people are thinking if I start exercising that must mean I have to join a gym. Your exercise program can begin right in the comfort of your home and back yard. It does not have to be elaborate, and you don’t have to join a gym or even sweat for an hour every day. If you make a list of your current day to day activities you may discover you already walk 15 to 20 minutes a day.


Please note walking your dog, running after toddlers, going up and down the stairs in your home is considered exercise. You can use the things you are already doing to jumpstart your exercise program by adding another 5 to 10 minutes or even walk at a faster pace. Are you getting the picture now? Just start where you are.



Go Low Tech

Technology is good on one hand and can be bad on the other. If you look around we almost don’t have to do anything. Technology makes most things so effortless. Please don’t get me wrong, I think Technology is a wonderful thing, but much of it reduces us to very lazy people. For example we will tear the sofa up looking for the TV remote instead of getting up to manually turn the TV. (I know this does not happen to the SIB readers-Hmmmmmm) Try going low Tech for a few weeks. I can almost guarantee that you will burn another few hundred calories a day. Walk in the park after work for a few minutes, use the steps instead of the elevators at work, go bike riding on the weekends, give up the remote control, (here’s a big one) limited the use of play stations and XBOX.

 (Stay tune for an article on Childhood Obesity)

Surround Yourself with Good Role Models

We all have heard that saying “birds of a feather flock together”, well now it is time to fly with the eagles. If your family members and friends are couch potatoes, chances are you will have even a harder time becoming active while hanging out with them. Starting off you need to surround yourself with people who are healthy eaters and active, then chances are it will be much easier for you to stay active as well.

Peer pressure is wonderful if you use it in positive ways! This will also allow you to later encourage the couch potatoes in your life.


Set Weekly Goals

Setting goals are one of the most important life tools we were taught. When we began a exercise program it is important to set realistic attainable goals once a week for beginners. The whole idea behind this is to set up a plan to endure longer, go faster, and farther. This can also work with nutrition goals. Remember only you know what is realistic for you.

Something Old or Something New

You are ready now, so GO for it! Try new routines and different exercises. If walking is not for you, try running or biking. Since the weather is pleasant now meet your spouse in the park after work with the children and go for a nice walk. Also, you can join in varies walks for cures or even prayer walks held by SCWN.


Track Your Progress

I recommend you go by the store after you read this article and buy a journal and label it Exercise Log Book. Each day you should record what you did, for how long and how you felt physically as well as mentally. This tool will allow you to view your progress and look back at your accomplishments.

Look for the Sisters In Business Health and Fitness monthly column written by "Faithful Fitness" Instructor Felicia Wilson.





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