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 November-December 2007
Corporate Headquarters  Chattanooga, TN  

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Headline News


"Can-Do Kids" of 28th CDC Show You Can  Live & Work at New Renaissance Square in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo by Wesley Schultz  Used with permission by Chattanoogan.com

History was made on Tuesday November 20, 2007 in Chattanooga, Tennessee as Officials with the 28th Legislative District Community Development Corporation and district residents celebrated grassroots efforts that made a $2.7 million residential and commercial property named Renaissance Square a reality.   The property composed of well appointed, spacious, and beautifully designed condominiums up top and premium commercial offices below is located in the Martin Luther King (MLK) Renaissance District  at the 300 Block of M.L. King Boulevard between Mabel and Houston streets in beautiful Downtown Chattanooga.


"We're the can-do kids," said state Rep. Tommie Brown, who represents the 28th House District, and was among a crowd of people attending the event. "It wasn't Tommie Brown, but a group of people who got together to change the quality of life for this area."


Forestine Watson-Haynes, a Sisters In Business Pioneer Member, explained how some of the challenges presented to them included coming up with the funds, building others confidence in the group as a development entity, and dealing with the naysayers.  The best part of all of it, she said, was proving that they could do it.  Ann Jones-Pierre, also a Pioneer Member of the SIB Network, was part of the 28th Community Development Corporation team that worked to bring the project to its successful completion.


Ms. Haynes said the 28th CDC also was motivated by members' vision of what the building was to be.  "We knew that this development was going to be a catalyst for what M. L. King could once again become ... so we just couldn't give up," she said.


At the time of grand opening official reports were that some of condominiums had already sold.  Don't miss out!  To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to obtain residential and/or office real estate to live and work in this history-rich downtown district contact Forestine Watson-Haynes at information below.


Forestine Watson-Haynes, Executive Director

PO Box 4703 Chattanooga, TN 37405   

N. Hickory St.   Chattanooga, TN 37404

Phone: (423) 698-8190 815 Fax: (423) 698-8191




 In the News

Women build network to tackle business, social issues

PDF: Political Study

By Mary Fortune
Staff Writer

Sitting with her mother and sister around a kitchen table last year, Tekelia Kelly had a revelation: the three women were trying to succeed professionally and trying to do it alone.

"It hit me how we were making our efforts independently, like operating on a island," Mrs. Kelly said.

She went home and built a Web site to help women connect and support each other. Dubbing her fledgling idea "Sisters in Business," Mrs. Kelly saw it grow to include more than 100 businesses and a roster of almost 30 corporate sponsors who have been members since the site's February 2006 debut.

"My Web developer told me, 'You are growing like a snowball rolling down a hill,' " Mrs. Kelly said. "It has just really taken off."

As women gained more power in the world of work, they learned to use advocacy and support networks to help themselves and their peers succeed. In recent years, they have helped launch efforts that aim to accomplish everything from sending underprivileged women to college to promoting each other's businesses and mentoring younger women.

"Unique Approach"
Having a forum where everyone understands the challenges of being female in the work force makes for a special environment, said Julie Bestry, a member of the Chattanooga chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, which came together in 1990.

"Women have a unique approach to business," said Ms. Bestry, the owner of Best Results Organizing.

"Men are not eager to talk about their failings or their challenges, but women I find are comfortable with opening up and saying, 'These are the skills and talents I have; these other areas are my areas of weakness; can I seek your experience, your guidance,' " she said. "That's an amazing thing."

The Chattanooga chapter of Executive Women International formed 20 years ago with a mission of advancing women's education, said chapter President Tanya English, a paralegal at the Miller & Martin firm. The chapter has 64 member firms, she said, and it grew about 40 percent in its last fiscal year.

"There are so many more professional women out there today, and a lot of single professional women," Ms. English said.

But in a male-dominated business world, women typically haven't been invited onto the golf course or to the ball game where many professional relationships are built, said Kristi Haulsee, vice president for member-investor services at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. These groups give women a way to build their own networks and feed their professional goals, she said.

"We are each other's best advocates," she said.

Last year, the Chamber created three local awards to honor women in business and leadership. The Nautilus Awards were an outgrowth of the national Athena Award, which has been given in Chattanooga since 1997, Ms. Haulsee said.

The Nautilus Awards recognize three people: one who has worked in grass-roots efforts to improve the lives of women, a female entrepreneur and a high school junior or senior with strong science and math aptitude. Next year, the Nautilus Awards will include a fourth recipient -- a woman who is over 25 who will receive money for college.


Lifting each other up
The growth of recognition and support for women in work and education is a natural result of generations of women pushing their way into the workplace, Ms. Haulsee said.

In 1960, about 43 percent of women ages 25 to 54 were in the work force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2005, more than 75 percent of women in that age range were part of the labor force.

"Women before us did a whole lot," Ms. Haulsee said. "These groups are really trying to help women understand that we need to help each other and lift each other up."

Mrs. Kelly said she could have used such an organization when she was an engineering student, entering a "man's world" and struggling to find her way.

"I felt very vulnerable, especially when I started having children," said Mrs. Kelly, the mother of three children who range in age from 21 to 12. "What has happened is that I've come through the ages, and I see this new paradigm of women saying, 'My family is important; my career is important; I better look out for myself.' "

Carol Berz, the head of Private Dispute Resolution in Chattanooga and the chairwoman of the Tennessee Economic Council on Women, said there is still much to be done to make women successful in Tennessee, which ranks 49th nationally in women's political participation.

"It's important for women to network and get to know each other so that they can help each other gain financial and personal success," she said.

Encouraging women to seek leadership roles is one of the missions of the Women's Leadership Institute, said Marj Flemming, managing director.

The local organization began 11 years ago as informal meetings of seven friends who got together every couple of weeks to talk about "the state of things for women in Tennessee, for women in Chattanooga, how much progress women had made and how much we needed to make," she said.

"Finally we decided, 'We can sit and talk about this forever, but we'd better do something about it,' " she said.

The group's annual leadership address has grown by 150 people a year, and this year's event featuring Gloria Steinem in January already has 510 people booked, Ms. Flemming said.

"We offer programs that hopefully introduce people to new ideas about their own development," she said.

E-mail Mary Fortune at mfortune@timesfreepress.com


2nd Annual Holiday Showcase: Great Gifts, Great Guests, & Goodwill to Go Around!

Beverly Casey browses beautiful items on Carolyn Rooks' vendor table at Sisters In Business.Net's 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping Showcase.  Carolyn Rooks owns "...Such Pretty Things located in Atlanta, Georgia.


It has been said that most of us are just one pay check away from being homeless.  This event is a proactive step towards stimulating socio-economic development in the community, and sustaining household and business income for community businesses.


Amanda Branscum, Owner of Scrapbooks Galore!


Amanda Branscum of Scrapbook Galore debuts her beautiful scrap booking business at showcase.  Amanda was a first-time vendor who was given a a SIB Network Membership and Advertising Package, graciously transferred to Amanda by Dorothea Johnson a SIB Pioneer Member who happen to win the gift as a door prize. 


Amanda was SIB's first youth entrepreneur to display merchandise at the holiday shopping showcase. Need a great gift idea?  How about having a scrapbook custom made for your family, school, child, or special event.  A scrapbook is a great gift idea for any occasion.  Gift certificates also available. For more information about Scrapbook Galore! click here.  Look for more about Amanda and other youth in business in 2008.

Photo by Dorothea Johnson



The event served as a platform for empowering women-owned and small businesses in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.  It offered wonderful pre-holiday shopping for early shoppers and bargain seekers. 


The event also once again was a food drive and fundraiser for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.  It has been said that most of us are just one pay check away from being homeless.  The event served as a proactive step towards stimulating socio-economic development in the community, and sustaining household and business income for small  and women owned community businesses.


In an effort to benefit the homeless men, women and children serviced by the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, donations were accepted along with any donated canned goods.  Donations can also be made at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen located on 11th Street.



"Help from the Heart of the City"

"Help from the Heart of the City" is not just a slogan. Your general donation to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen is the simplest way to help.

Click here to make a donation to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen

Thank you very much, it will go a long way in feeding and supplying shelter for the homeless.


Sister Spotlight

Letting Blessings Flow

How Blessings Flow

by Tekelia C. Kelly, Editor

During this season of thanksgiving and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are moved all the more to reflect on the wonderful people and things in our lives that make us blessed.  At Sisters In Business.Net we count it a blessing to be networked with a group of women who are enterprising, sharp, professional, and business-wise; who well understand the value of return on investment, but also value investing in others.   These women's business philosophy is that business is not just about making money, but also making a positive difference in someone's life, like that of the Proverbs 31 Business Woman Model of Sisters In Business.

Thank you, Tekelia, for your compliment on my ad.  And THANK YOU!!  I met her at your June 8 Empowerment Luncheon.  So, again blessings flow.”  -Carolyn Miller


Take for example Carolyn Miller.  You probably have seen this fabulous sister in advertisements for Warm Spirit.  Carolyn Miller is a professional trainer in the corporate world, and an Independent Consultant for both Warm Spirit and Arbonne.  She is one of our SIB "Pioneer" Members, meaning she's been in the network since its inception in 2006.  She also has served as an adviser during the first year of Sisters In Business' start-up.   Like other network members, Carolyn has a "heart and soul for doing business".  She seeks to cultivate meaningful relationships with others while business networking.  Moreover, while seeking to make connections for her business she also is sensitive to how she can benefit and serve others.  This makes for an excellent model of customer service, and customer service is a key factor for every successful business.  I am reminded of the scripture that speaks about "who among you wants to be great...then let him (her) serve."  (Matthew 20:26)

One day when complimenting Carolyn on one of her business advertising campaigns in an email, she replied back to me, Thank you, Tekelia.  And THANK YOU!!  I met her at your June 8 Empowerment Luncheon.  So, again blessings flow.  As I reflected on her statement...I thought about our relationship, and how we met.  (See "You Never Know How He'll Use You!", by Carolyn Miller.)   I thought how wonderful it is to be in relationship with a group of women like her whose perspective on business prosperity includes letting "blessings flow" to others as well!

Thus, we at Sisters in Business have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate this holiday season, one of which is being in the company of "sisters in business" through whom blessings flow--to us, their customers, their families, and their communities.  In recognizing that you, too, are a part of our blessings, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and "Blessings Flow" New Year! 


Read the amazing story entitled "You Never Know How He'll Use You!", by Carolyn Miller, who describes how she and Caleb Kelly met and shared with CeCe Winans, another blessings flow experience!  Carolyn Miller, is an Independent Consultant for Warm Spirit and Arbonne.  She is also one of the Advisory Members of Sister In Business.  More



Sisters In Business.Net

The Solutions for Business.    The Services for Customers.    

"The Heart & Soul of Taking Care of Business"




Feature Business Stories


Baskets by Cheryl, Cheryl McCray Member Feature Story



Cheryl McCray

Owner/Operator of Baskets by Cheryl



Cheryl McCray is the owner and operator of Baskets by Cheryl (a division of Creations by Cheryl).  She is a native Chattanoogan and the daughter of Mrs. Jean Sims and the late Rev. Payton M. Sims.  Cheryl received a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Adventist University, and is presently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education from Tennessee Technological University.  She is a member of Transforming Faith Baptist Church and an advisory board member of the East Tennessee Black Pages, and a member of the Chattanooga Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.


Cheryl thanks God for so many things.  Included in these things are the love and support of her husband, Fred, and their three children; Fredericka, Freda and Stephen.  God has blessed Cheryl with many talents:  sewing, graphic designing, and the love and ability to create gift baskets.


Baskets by Cheryl was established in 2004, and serves several local businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals.  Baskets by Cheryl offers a variety of custom and pre-made gift baskets that make giving the perfect gift easy.  The exclusive selection of gift basket ideas includes Inspirational, Baby, Birthday, Wedding, Sympathy, For Him, For Her, and many more.


Gift Baskets are professionally designed and include themed products, fruit, gourmet food, unique gifts, and personalized favors.  Beginning November 2007, Baskets by Cheryl will offer a unique line of African American gifts that may be purchased in a basket or separately.


City-wide delivery and Nationwide Shipping are available.


Let Baskets by Cheryl create a custom gift basket of the highest quality and one that will make a lasting impression for YOUR next individual or corporate occasion.


The Baskets by Cheryl website is up and running!!!!!  Baskets by Cheryl is featuring the "12 Days of Christmas" through December 12, 2007.  The website is updated daily with the special of the day!!!  Please visit www.basketsbycheryl.biz

Please remember that the deadline for shipping Christmas orders is December 18th.  The deadline for local orders is December 23rd.

For more info or to place an order, contact me at basketsbycheryl@yahoo.com or 423-362-0869.



Baskets by Cheryl

Cheryl McCray, Owner/Operator

 556 Dodson Avenue

Chattanooga, TN  37404

Business Phone – 423-362-0869

Business Fax – 423-629-2251






The Healt Nut , Joyce Holt Member Feature Story

Joyce Holt, RN & Owner of The Health Nut Joins SIB


Joyce B. Holt is the owner of The Health Nut, located at 5805 Lee Highway, Suite 304, Chattanooga, TN  37421.  Joyce is a veteran Registered Nurse, and also a Natural Health Consultant.  She has been a Registered Nurse for twenty three years; experienced in a variety of specialties including Emergency/Trauma, Flight Nurse, and private practice Cardiology. 


Joyce Attained her degree of "Master Of Science in Natural Health" at Clayton College Of Natural Health.  She also has a degree in Chemistry with minors in Physical Education and Latin.


Joyce started her business in the year 2006 to educate people on getting and staying healthy.

The Health Nut is dedicated to educating the public as to the natural resources available for preventing disease and maintaining health - mind, body, and soul.  For example, by addressing things like nutrition, activity (or lack of),  and exposure to stress, we can get to the basis of why certain things are happening within or to our bodies. Very often, simple lifestyle change is the answer to our health issues


When asked what advice she could offer for new business owners starting out she said, "Have your ducks in a row.  Be prepared to lose before you gain.  We are so blessed to have Joyce s a Sisters In Business Network member  For testimonies and more information about Joyce Holt at the Health Nut click here or email her at joyce@thehealthnut.us.



The Health Nut

Joyce Holt, Owner

November 2, 2007

11:00 AM-7:00 PM

5805 Lee Highway

Suite 304

Chattanooga, TN 37421




Inner Glow Skin Care Service, Dorothea Johnson Member Feature Story



Dorothea Johnson, Owner of Inner Glow Skin Care Services


At the age of 39, Dorothea Johnson changed careers after working at UnumProvident for 12 years.  She started Inner Glow Skin Care Service in February of 2005 at Heavenly Styles Salon and Day Spa.  Dorothea says she is in business because she loves what she does.  During a Question and Answer with Sisters In Business Dorothea shared the following comments:


"I love helping others feel better about themselves.  It is very rewarding to see my clients come in stressed and tried and then they leave renewed and rejuvenated.  I have been in business for 2 ½ years and my business is still growing.    


I am very grateful for how God has blessed my business so far" I feel that small businesses in Chattanooga will continue to grow because most small businesses are owned by people who start them.  Most people who start their own business, work hardier to make it a success.


My advice to any new business is to make sure your finances are in order when starting a new business.  This will allow you to concentrate on building your clientele and not worry about your finances."


For testimonies and more information about Dorothea Johnson at "Inner Glow Skin Services" click here or email her at dorotheajohnson@bellsouth.net.





Read above SIB 2nd Annual Showcase aritcle about Dorothea and Amanda Branscum Scrapbook Galore debuts her beautiful scrap booking business at showcase.  Amanda was a first-time vendor who was given a a SIB Network Membership and Advertising Package, graciously transferred to Amanda by Dorothea Johnson a SIB Pioneer Member who happen to win the gift as a door prize.




Inner Glow Skin Care Service

Dorothea C. Johnson, Owner

Licensed Aesthetician

(423) 290-5023




SIBay Shopping Showcase

2007 SIBay Online Holiday

Shopping Showcase

Nov. 21-Dec. 31


Click here to go to SIBay Holiday Showcase Online featuring 2007 SIB Tradeshow Vendors



Welcome New & Returning SIB Network Members


The SIB Network


"A USA Business Network, Consumer Guide, & Business Directory Service

...all at Your Fingertips!"


Welcome New and Renewed Members





Tennessee Multicultural Chamber of Commerce

535 Chestnut Street, Suite 200

Chattanooga Tennessee 37402

Telephone: 423-265-0021 Fax: 423-265-0023





Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

811 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: (423) 756-2121
Fax: (423) 267-7242



Community News, Events Calendar, eNewsletters, Directory, & Services







Urban League 25th Anniversary


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga celebrates its 25th Anniversary at this year's Equal Opportunity Day (EOD) Celebration. The fundraising dinner will be held Friday, December 14, 6:30 p.m. at the Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center . This year’s EOD will feature Jennifer Holliday, who starred in the original Dreamgirls Broadway musical, accompanied by the Chattanooga Symphony.

“Our theme this year, The Dream Continues, is about where we have been and where we are headed,” explained Warren E. Logan, president of the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga. "Since the Urban League was first established, we have had the same mission: economic empowerment, education and youth empowerment, leadership empowerment…and that hasn’t changed. People are going to see our original mission threaded throughout this year’s EOD but also get a glimpse of the big things we have planned for the future. As the dream continues, we are excited to celebrate with the Chattanooga community our achievements.”

Ajai McReynolds, a seventh grade student at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences, will kick off the evening with a special rendition of the National Anthem.











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Starter Package Price $95.00 USD

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Sisters In Business is a member marketing and networking firm, dedicated to connecting women in business-from emerging to established businesses.  We offer women in business (and their partners) an 'all-in-one' solution that networks, advertises, markets, and empowers (NAME) them locally and world-wide. Relocating, need a service, discovering the lay of the land? Look for a Sister In Business in your community.

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The heart and soul of taking care of business.  Proverbs 31

Born out of need and desire to help empower, promote, and prosper women in business, on February 14, 2006 Sisters In Business was established as a web-based networking service offering its all-in-one business development strategy called "NAME", the company's acronym for Networking, Advertising, Marketing, and Empowerment. For further information, contact:

Sisters In Business

P.O. Box 25548

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37422-5548





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Sisters In Business

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