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Week of January 8, 2007
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"Feedback Fuels Business"

Tekelia C. Kelly

Founder & CEO-Sisters In Business, Publisher

Thanks to all of who have shared their comments about the new Sisters In Business.Net eNewsletter.  We were happy to roll-out the new upgraded version to you; and are now happy to hear of your praises!  We are also happy to see the overall impact of the newsletter, as well as that of the new Sisters In Business.Net Website. According to statistics from our website and email marketing reports, viewership and readership for both continue to flourish.

In this issue we would like to focus on how important feedback is to business.  Much progress has been made since Sisters In Business' inception on February 14 2006, and the feedback from the community has been used as a barometer along the way.  We also look forward to your sharing with us the February 15, 2007 Grand Opening celebration of our official new website Sisters In Business.Net and 1st Year Anniversary.  (Please see related article below.)

Since our ramp-up to the world-wide-web eleven months ago, we have provided a vast amount of E-Commerce and Email Marketing: online networking, advertising, and marketing solutions, for members in
our network as well as for those working in city government, campaigning for election, hosting special events, providing community service programs, and more.

What has been the driving force behind all the effort?  A powerful passion to empower women-owned and small businesses in their communities, to operate more successfully in the 21st century and to build wealth. That along with the community's support and active buy-in for such an initiative has been our motivation.

Literally, over night, Sisters In Business was started by "jumping-in" with faith, vision, a little "html" knowledge (hence the rudimentary look of the original e-newsletter and website ) and a sketched outline of a business plan.  This plan was, is, and will continue to be a "work in progress", as in business, it is a continuous process to develop and work a business plan where customers can be served successfully, or at least better, over and over again.  

To all who have received and read our newsletter, which is now being distributed to communities--locally, regionally, nationally, and, perhaps even globally, we would like to say a sincere "Thank You".  When a customer shares statements of interests, insight, and other input, it makes for wonderful feedback that can help fuel business.

Best wishes!

Please feel free to send your comments, requests, and suggestions to sistersinbusiness@comcast.net

For more information about Sisters In Business, or to join the Sisters In Business "Worldwide" Network, please visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net.

Breaking News: Beverly Inman-Ebel Joins SIB
TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC, Chattanooga, TN

Beverly Inman-Ebel

CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC Joins SIB!

Beverly Inman-Ebel, CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC has joined the Sisters In Business Network as a Business Partner. This means Beverly wishes to be an official service provider to those in the Sisters In Business Network; and that she is one who supports empowering women-owned and small businesses in the community.

Beverly will also share her professional and world renowned communication experience by joining our team of columnists to write a column on “Interpersonal Communication Skills” in the Sisters In Business.Net online newsletter. This is just another way Sisters In Business seeks to serve those in its network with services that help to enrich and empower towards business success.

Stay tuned for more information about Beverly Inman-Ebel in her upcoming debut article. For further information about TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC visit www.talklisten.com.


Grand Opening Ceremony
New Website & 1s Year Anniversary Celebration

SIB Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary & New Website Grand Opening

Sisters In Business.Net

YOU ARE INVITED! to Sisters In Business '1st Year Anniversary & New Website Grand Opening Celebration' & Business Expo. The event is scheduled February 15, 2007, and will be a Networking and Vendor Exhibiting event .  The event will take place at the Development Resource Center (DRC) located at 1250 Market Street downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee in the USA, and will include the following activities:

Networking begins at 11:30 AM

Vendor Exhibits (Small Business Expo) open at 11:30 AM

Ribbon Cutting Program/Ceremony starts 1:30 PM  

Ribbon cutting ceremony will be officiated by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. For further information about the event, to advertise in event program, or to inquire about registering for an exhibitor table, please call 423.421.5646 or email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net.

About SIB Website Official Name Change

The official website and company name change from SISTERS-IN-BUSINESS.COM to SISTERS IN BUSINESS.NET has resulted in greater internet marketing results, and has yielded near-top or first-page listings in most all major search engines.  This means greater visibility and searchability for SIB network businesses.


Vendor Exhibitor & Advertising Opportunity 

There will be a limited number of display tables available for business exhibitors.  Exhibits will open from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (closing approximately 30-40 minutes during ribbon cutting ceremony).  Exhibitors may request a table by emailing sistersinbusiness@comcast.net or calling 423.421.5646.  More exhibitor information will be given after this point.  Please notify our office as soon as possible to make reservation.  Cost of exhibitor table is $35.00.  Advertisements in event’s commemorative program can be placed for $10.00 for a half-page and $20.00 for whole page ad.  


Year In Review
2006 Inaugural Year 

Sisters In Business 2006

The Year In Review

Shown above is picture montage of Sisters In Business 1st Annual Business Women's Empowerment Luncheon, Mini-Tradeshow, and Youth Fundraiser benefiting Girls Inc. of Chattanooga.


As we anticipate all that 2007 holds for Sisters In Business with new members, new Services, new events, new website, new newsletter, and more for the New Year, all waiting in the wings to presented, we would like to reflect on the many wonderful events of 2006, that has made our first year in business such a glorious ride.  Thank you to every client, partner, vendor, advertiser, and supporter. We invite you to come with us as we continue this journey. 


Now take a walk with us down memory lane as we review some of the major news and events that took place during our first year.  See pictures and stories from the archive of 2006. Click links below.

Sisters In Business  Times Free Press Article March 22, 2006 on Inaugural Opening of Sisters In Business

Sisters In Business  Quarterly Mar 2006  First Membership Drive

Sisters In Business  Quarterly April 2006 Launching of Website and First "Pioneer" Members

Sisters In Business  Quarterly May 2006-SIB helps move women forward as Exhibitor at 1st Tennessee Economic Council on Women Summit.  SIB helps to pass the "Choices For Care Bill".

Sisters In Business  Quarterly July-Sept. 2006:-1st Annual Business Women's Empowerment Luncheon, Mini-Tradeshow, and Youth Fundraiser, Fantastic Four Women in SIB, New Partners Join

Sisters In Business Quarterly Oct-Dec. 2006-Whitaker, Houston, Tuggle, Horne, Charles Join Sisters In Business, New Business Tool Sisters In Business Award Nomination, Network News

Sisters In Business Holiday Shopping Showcase 11/4/2006 -1st Annual Shopping Showcase & Fundraiser to help Community Kitchen and Small Businesses in the Community.

Click here to see more 2006 News & Events of Sisters In Business.



What Our Customers Are Saying

Feedback from Our Newsletter Readers

A Word From Our Readers

The following is an email sent in by one of our viewers.  Thank you, Toni, and all of our viewers  who have shared with us your feedback.

Good morning Tekelia,

I like the new look.  I always enjoy reading the articles.  Blessings to you for the accomplishments you have made.  May the Lord continue to bless you in all you do.
Happy New Year!!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Tongeia (Toni) Farmer



Member News & Events
GoodSearch Is Good for 28th CDC


28th CDC Benefits With GoodSearch  Search Engine

By using "GOODSEARCH" as your search engine you can help raise funds for the 28th Legislative District Community Development Corporation works to improve the quality of life for residents of Tennessee's 28th Legislative District, through economic development, community revitalization and affordable housing. Thank you for your support. Pass it on. www.goodsearch.com.

The 28th Legislative District Community Development Corporation operates to provide the following support services:

*         Affordable Housing

*         Community Revitalization

*         Economic Development

For more information about the 28th Legislative District Community Development Corporation, contact Forestine Watson-Haynes, Executive Director at (423) 698-8190, or  twoeight@bellsouth.net.  You may also visit them on line at  http://www.cdc28th.org/


Members News & Events
Faithful Fitness Class Resumes


Class In Session with SIB's Faithful Fitness Columnist Felicia Wilson: Stay Fit and Healthy!

Hello Ladies~


Spread the word!


Our Faithful Fitness class will started back up on the 13th of this month. I am so excited, because we have a whole new layout and cool down music.


So again, spread the word and come being prepared to exercise the body and soul.


New Layout Outline:


9:00 Sign-In/Prayer request/Praise Reports--Turn in Homework

9:05 Devotion and Prayer

9:10 Warm Up

9:15 low/high impact cardio/strength exercises

9:50 Cool Down; Questions/Concerns/Share and Hand out material

10:00 Prayer and Dismal


See you next Saturday, bring a friend!

Felicia Wilson, Faithful Fitness


Location: St. Elmo Missionary Baptist Church

3701 West Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37410
(423) 821-6825

Get directions


Corinthians 9:19-20, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

Click here to see Community News & Events.



New Year's Business Resolution
Start Your Business in 2007

A New Year's Business Resolution

Did you make a New Year's resolution to start a new business, or jumpstart an existing one? Then you will want to check out the new member packages of Sisters In Business.  This year Sisters In Business offers additional ways to employ our easy, effective, and affordable Business NAME Strategy, which helps you Network, Advertise, Market, and Empower (NAME) your business for better business results.


All packages are designed to publish your business information in our online and print business listing and photo directory; advertise routinely your business products and services in the Sisters In Busines.Net email marketing newsletter; link your SIB business web pages, and/or related links where your business is searchable, visible, and in high-ranking position with Sisters In Business in major internet search engines; give access to local and world markets, network your with other businesses, and more!


Join the Sisters In Business Network for as low $95.00/year with our new Starter Package or other customized member packages available in 2007.  We are now also offering the the option of making payment either one-time, or via monthly recurring payments.  See our special $50.00-Off coupon below for additional savings*.



Editorial Note

The term "counseling" used in Ruby Claytor's article last week denotes a discussion group, and not a licensed counseling agency.

Join the Network Today! New Starter Package $95/year

Great! Member Package Deal

sib woman logo

The SIB Client "STARTER PACKAGE" includes announcement of your business and publication of your business information along with photo in the Sisters In Business.Net eNewsletter in the Breaking News section; publication in the online and print versions of the SIB Business Directory with contact info, email links, and photo; 1 copy of SIB Business Directory Booklet (Print Copy), 1-Year Annual Client Membership and Network Subscription with ONLINE & LIVE  networking, advertising, marketing, and more!

Buy Now!  We will contact you to arrange all that is needed to setup your package.  Payment can be made by mail via check or money order, or online via MC, VISA, AMEX, PAYPAL.*  To subscribe by phone or email, contact us at 423.421.5646 or sistersinbusiness@comcast.net



Starter Package Price: $95.00 USD

Buy Now | Learn More



Welcome to the  Sisters In Business.Net Online Newsletter.  You are also now one the Sisters In Business Website! Sisters In Business is an ONLINE and LIVE service provider of networking, advertising, and marketing solutions.  The company's operates out of its corporate office located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and serves markets in other communities world-wide.  This newsletter offers breaking news and information about women-owned and small businesses in the community subscribing to this service.  You are receiving this email either upon your request, or via a mutual acquaintance's relationship.


We would like to invite to you take a look around our website by using the menu links on the top-left side of this page.  Also, please bookmark our website address www.sistersinbusiness.netClick here to learn more about us.


As we respect your right to privacy and the are very sensitive to the large amount of information that comes to us now given our information age, please feel free to unsubscribe by clicking here, or click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our newsletter.


Best Wishes! --Tekelia C. Kelly, Publisher


Tekelia Kelly

Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises, LLC

Sisters In Business


For Your Information

Save $50.00 Receive $50.00 Off a Sisters In Business Client Membership Package.*  Mail, fax, copy in email, or mention this coupon with your application.

*Starter Member Package not included with this offer.

Offer Expires: January 31, 2007



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