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Happy Thanksgiving from Sisters In Business!

We are so thankful for the clients, partners, customers,

advertisers, and sponsors with whom

we have done business

in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

We are also thankful for the readers in Tennessee,

Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Connecticut,

 and Washington State

 who have warmly received Sisters In Business

in their community.

 Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


Tekelia C. Kelly

Tekelia C. Kelly

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At Sisters In Business "Lunch & Learn" Meeting Thursday, December 14, 2006

at The Cellar restaurant in the Tallan Building.


The Cellar is located downtown Chattanooga at the corner of Martin Luther King (MLK) Blvd and Chestnut inside the Tallan Building Chattanooga, TN 37402. Phone:, (423) 648-0880. Lunch will be available if so desired, not required, at a cost of $10.50 per person, and will begin 11:30 AM. Click here visit the Cellar Restaurant which also makes available its menu daily.   FREE PARKING: Nearby Day's Inn Rivergate has graciously allowed free parking for all luncheon attendees this day.


Open to Public.

Come Meet and Greet!

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From an SME! (Subject Matter Expert)

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Treasa Newton of Woman's Way Journal SME (Subject Matter Expert) for SIB's "Lunch & Learn" on December 14 , 2006


SIB Sponsor and Partner Treasa Newton will be  (SME) for month of December. 


Treasa Newton is Editor / Publisher of Woman’s Way Journal, a regional information publication for women. She began Woman’s Way in March of 1993 as a ministry to “education, inform and empower women in a family-type publication.” Today, the publication has over 60,000 readers monthly and is distributed in seven counties; two in Tennessee and five in Georgia.


Prior to establishing Woman’s Way Journal, Treasa was CEO of Creative Communications, a local advertising agency in the Chattanooga area for ten years.


She has served as Supervisor of the Communications Department of Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Tennessee, as Public Relations Director for a national hospital management firm and was responsible for some 150 hospitals nationwide. She also served as Director of Information Services for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, as advertising assistant for a major manufacturing company and as editorial assistant for the Tennessee Credit Union League.


Current community involvement includes serving on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chattanooga as parliamentarian and on the board of the Tennessee Federation of Business and Professional Women as Regional Director. She served as that organization’s state president in 1987-88.

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Body Products

Carolyn Miller, Independent Consultant







Diane Mason

Brainerd Market Center
480 Greenway View Drive, Suite 116
Chattanooga, Tn  37411

(near the new Brainerd Wal-Mart Super Center)
(423) 648-4230

E-Mail Strut Fashions





Virginia Yarbrough

4434 Kings Lake Court

Chattanooga, TN 37416-2809

Phone No.: 423.802.3917

Presently doing massages at The Chattanoogan  Call and set up an appointment.


Desktop Publishing

Massage Therapy

(Specializing in Geriatrics Massages)


Special Foods


For General Information:






Mary Williams

1524 Dodds Avenue

Chattanooga, TN  37406



My Store Page

"Flowers for your Floral Needs"




Dorothea  Johnetta  Johnson

Owner of Inner Glow Skin Care Service and Licensed Aesthetician

3475 Brained Road, Suite 1

Chattanooga, TN 37411 423-290-5023 or 423-629-9272





Janice A. Burse

 Beauty Advisor

 Independent Sales

Phone: 423-899-7102     

Fax: 423-855-7920





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"School Bus Driver Appreciation Month" In December Declares SIB


by Tekelia C. Kelly, Editor


I cannot say enough how much I appreciate teachers!  In fact, I cannot say enough how much I appreciate all those who work with and around children in the school system (counselors, cafeteria staff, custodians, and more).  Many of the school staff I have encountered during my three children's educational experience, in both public and private schools, have been like an extension of my parenting: these individuals have been there to help teach them, guide them, and nurture them as though they really believed that it really does "take a whole village to raise a child".  And 'Yes', it really does. To them, I say "Thank you"! 


Other significantly vital persons in my children's school life would be their school bus drivers.  These service providers I too hold in high regard, and offer my utmost respect.  For it is my "precious cargo" (children) that they are carrying to and fro on their bus routes, along with many other children who are scheduled to go along for the ride.


This wonderful bus driver must be able to navigate the roads, pedestrians, other drivers, and weather conditions; manage behaviors and the well-being of children; abide by school policies and bus driving regulations; and secure the safety of everyone on the bus.  A job not to be taken lightly by the driver...nor anyone else.


I thank God for all of our special gifts and talents, and the different abilities we have each been shaped with that equips for our  jobs.  I personally do not know if I could be a school bus driver.  But I do know that I am so very grateful to those who are.  They are truly to be commended for taking on such a serious job and performing it daily.


Would you please join with Sisters In Business in showing appreciation to the school bus driver(s) in our lives during the month of December.  They shoulder the awesome responsibility of transporting our children from their homes/pick-up points to their schools, then back to their end-of-the-day destinations. 


Hence, another thing I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving--My children's School Bus Drivers!

Mayor Ron Littlefied's "'Great Ideas"' Offers Scholarships for Youth in Biz

Sisters In Business has a passion for youth, and also youth in business.  Apparently so does Mayor Ron Littlefield, which is why when SIB learned of the exciting new youth initiative entitled the Great Ideas Competition, immediate attention was given to it to find out more.

 Mayor Ron Littlefield’s Great Ideas Competition is an important way to help identify and nurture Chattanooga’s next-generation of entrepreneurs.  Please encourage all of the high school juniors and seniors you know -- private, public and home school students -- to submit a great idea they may have for a business, product or invention (it does not have to be fully developed).  Once submitted, their identity and idea are instantly coded and protected for confidentiality and security purposes—not to be viewed by or shared with any third parties.

 Sisters In Business and the Office of Mayor Ron Littlefield’s very much want to encourage Youthful Entrepreneurs, and help them discover their potential to do business, and The Mayor has found an great way to help towards this end, while also offering youth the incentive to Win Money for College.  To learn more about and to register, just go to http://www.mayorsgreatideas.org/. For more information or to help sponsor the program call Cherita Adams/Mayor’s Office at 423-425-6206 or email adams_c@mail.chattanooga.gov.  Also see the related display ad in this issue.

 Paid Advertisement





Deadline: 12▼01▼06


Great Ideas Competition is looking for the next Einstein.

Is your child an aspiring entrepreneur or inventor?  If yes, you must check out Mayor Ron Littlefield’s Great Ideas Competition.

 Encourage Youthful Entrepreneurs to Win Money for College – Juniors & Seniors only.

 Mayor Ron Littlefield’s Great Ideas Competition is an important way to help identify and nurture Chattanooga’s next-generation of entrepreneurs. Please encourage all of the high school juniors and seniors you know private, public and home school students—to submit a great idea they may have for a business, product or invention (it does not have to be fully developed).  Once submitted, their identity and idea are instantly coded and protected for confidentiality and security purposes—not to be viewed by or shared with any third parties.

If your child is one of the 150 applicants selected to advance to round two, he/she will learn how to develop their great idea into a qualified business plan.  The two business workshops are free and several retired executives will work with each applicant to produce a winning B-plan—parents are encouraged to attend the business workshops; dates for each workshop will be announced in January 2007 after the first selection has been made.

 Registration is fun, fast and easy, just go online to enter (deadline 12/1/06).    Better still, the top participants will win money for college – a total of $7,500 in scholarships will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners.  Please forward this information along to your employees and business contacts.  Great Ideas is a much needed, innovative scholarship program for our city because it helps kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in tomorrow’s business leaders.  For more information or to help sponsor the program call Cherita Adams/Mayor’s Office at 423-425-6206 or email adams_c@mail.chattanooga.gov.

Your child will love it and so will you–be a part of Mission Possible:  Finding the next Einstein!


That's A YES! (Alternative Youth Employment Solutions)



That's AYES!  Sisters In Business has a passion for youth, and also wish for them to discover their potential to do business as young business entrepreneurs.  Do you know a young person who has marketable skills?  Do they show the potential of being in a junior business?  Maybe they are good at word processing, or other office applications, provide computer training or computer technical support, can sing, dance, or do dramatizations for special occasions, create dynamic drawings and wonderful paintings, knit or crochet beautiful blankets, braid hair, has baby sitting service, write story/poetry books, or tutor children. 

If you, or someone you know, could help provide a job coop, internship, shadowing, or apprenticeship opportunity for youth as an alternative youth employment solution; or if you are interested in learning more about Youth In Business, please email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net.

Click here to learn more about SIB's "YOUTH IN BUSINESS" and AYES page.

Please consider being a mentor to children whenever you can.  Thank you!.

"Train up a child in the way he should go." 

Exercise 101:

SIB Seeks to Empower Women to Be Fit & Healthy! Presenting Felicia Wilson, SIB Health/Fitness Writer



Something Old or Something New

You are ready now, so GO for it! Try new routines and different exercises. If walking is not for you, try running or biking. Since the weather is pleasant now meet your spouse in the park after work with the children and go for a nice walk. Also, you can join in varies walks for cures or even prayer walks held by SCWN.


Track Your Progress

I recommend you go by the store after you read this article and buy a journal and label it Exercise Log Book. Each day you should record what you did, for how long and how you felt physically as well as mentally. This tool will allow you to view your progress and look back at your accomplishments.


Look for the Sisters In Business Health and Fitness monthly column written by "Faithful Fitness" Instructor Felicia Wilson.



Community Connections

Blankets Needed at The Chattanooga Community Kitchen

With the weather turning cold, and quite quickly one might add, the Chattanooga Community Kitchen is desperately needing donated blankets.


Blankets can be brought to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen located on 11th Street.    Mayor Ron Littlefield has also made an appeal for blanket donations, as well as accommodations to receive them at  Mayor’s Office located at 10th and Lindsay Streets.  Click here to read more about the Mayor's appeal. 



As can be seen on the Chattanooga Community Kitchen's website, "Every Night in Chattanooga 300 men, women, and children go to bed outside, hungry, and homeless. Another 250-300 pillow their heads in shelters. Thousands more, the near homeless, are within inches of losing everything. They are powerless, in need, and often in despair.  Sisters In Business is joining with the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and together "we are working to change that!"  Click here to read about the work of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.


Sisters In Business - Business Directory

Find the Business or Service You Need In The SIB Business Network

Look for doctors, accountants, aestheticians, real estate agent, investment brokers, virtual assistants, caterers, florists, and many other professional women-owned businesses in the Sisters in Business Network.  Needing a business or service?  Find the service provider you need at Sisters In Business.  Visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net

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Sisters In Business works to promote, propel, and prosper those in/related to its network. 

Thank you for supporting the women-owned and small businesses in your community.


Sadie Smith, Sister of the Month-November 2006

Sadie Smith is the owner of Skin Balm, Inc’s Products is a manufacturer and distributor of Multi-Purpose Skin Balm Series and Skin Balm Series for Psoriasis, which are designed and proven to be your skin’s helper in healing skin that has been damaged from many causes.  Her compamy's mission is to help people all over the world restore or maintain their skin integrity and to reduce the number of non-traumatic amputations related to diabetes and other conditions.

Visit Sadie Smith online at www.sistersinbusiness.net where she can be found in the the SIB  Business Directory, and her own Business/Owner Webpage.

SIB Training, Development, & Business Support Services

For more business development resource information on matters such as  business plans, finances, training and business savvy strategies, please visit our website at http://sistersinbusiness.net/BusinessSupt.htm.  


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Send mail to sistersinbusiness@comcast.net with questions or comments about this web site
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