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Week of September 11, 2006



September 11,  We Are All Connected

by Tekelia C. Kelly


Tekelia C. Kelly at site of previous "Twin Towers",  New York, NY  copyright 2002.


"No life is ever lost in vain, when in your heart that life remains."

Quote by Tekelia C. Kelly,  September 11, 2006    (Birthday: September 11)


Work on this issue of the Sisters In Business Online Newsletter began the morning of Friday, September 8.  When I realized the date this issue would have, I stopped.  September 11 is so significant to me--for two very interrelated reasons.  One is known globally by probably all the world.  On this day a very heartwrenching and disturbing act took place in our country.  So many precious, innocent lives in the New York Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington, DC and Flight 93 in Pennsylvania lost their lives.  There were also many brave individuals who rushed to save and help others, and some of those who also lost their lives or suffer illness today.


The unfathomable loss and impact on each individual family sobered our country, as we saw and heard the individual accounts of this tragedy take place.  The fact that this kind of act could happen was shocking enough, but that it happened on our soil with so many American lives lost was crushing and debilitating.  I recall  a  news reporter's comments in his attempt to help us realize the devastation of that day, and grasp the 'number' of people lost, by saying we should think of it as one person--killed that number of times. 


We are all so connected.  No matter how "pollyanna" that may sound, uninteresting that may be, or trivial when compared to the order-of-the-day topics in our society, it is still so very true. I'm reminded of a quote I learned many, many years ago that says, "That which is most personal, is most universal." 


Consider this: You are traveling in your car...going to work, grocery store, vacation, spa, pick up kids, see the doctor, meet a date for dinner, etc; and you get on the Interstate only to find that someone has, let's just say, run out of gas in the middle of the Interstate. You now must slow up and wait your turn to pass.  Your life's schedule has been altered, and depending upon where you are in traffic, and/or how long it takes to fix the situation, you could find yourself waiting for a long time.  Though this may not be the most inspirational example of the power of one, it is still yet, "the power of one".


Another story that comes to mind is one you may have heard, as it is often shared:  There were a multitude of starfish that had washed up on a beach as far as the eye could see.  A, man, out of compassion for the starfish made an effort to help save them by throwing the starfish back into the ocean one starfish at a time.  A person observed him and approached him saying "What are you doing?  There are so many of these starfish all lined up and down this beach that you can't get to them all. What difference will it make?"  The man replied, it will make a difference to those that got thrown back in the water.  The power of one is an  extremely powerful thing!  


I am one who happened to be born on September 11.  And that is the second reason why September 11 is so significant to me.  I personally now hold this day as a special '911' call to help.  I will forever have a special link to this world on this day.  And with every day, I purpose to make a positive impact on the world in which I live.  With each passing birthday, I realize more and more how fulfilling it is to try to embrace life and the people in it.  I have learned how valuable relationships with people are, and how much we all need each other. 


This revelation is not sometimes as readily seen and appreciated in a society of individuality and personal quests for success. We are conditioned to have ambition and drive to boot, along with personal aspirations, and personal achievements, personal agendas.  We are encouraged to make our mark on life, and be the best, want the best, and look the best we can.  And all of things are fine and have there place, when balanced.  But at the end of the day when the brains, beauty, and bucks have "been there, done that", it is our relationship with our Creator and people that truly makes the difference in our lives.


You are one powerful individual, with a life for investment. Get additional dividends out of your life as you also deposit into others.  Whatever you can do to make a positive difference in this world--do that! Your return on investment will be rewarding, and far reaching.  For, in the very wise words taken from of a song in  Disney's movie Pochohantas, "...we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends."




Tekelia C. Kelly, Founder/Owner Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises, LLC (SIB & FYI)

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Story submitted by: Tekelia C. Kelly

I read a passage sent to me by a dear sister entitled TGIF: God's Recruitment Strategy for Leaders.  TGIF stands for "Today God Is First" I wrote back in an email the following.  (Click here to read TGIF passage.)

Wow!  This passage truly “hits the nail on the head” with what we were talking about this morning, doesn’t it?  This encourages my heart and “refuels” my strength.

It is so like our God to intercede and make “on-time” contact with us via messages like below.  When God-cidents like this happen I am reminded of his Word that says, “He’s intimately acquainted with all my ways” (Ps. 139:1-16), and that “He will guide me with His eye upon me. (Ps. 32:.8).  As I have heard it also described once by someone, God has just “winked” at us! This passage is like an affirmation--as though He heard and felt everything we shared this morning--and He did!

I had been praying about my "feeling" so distraught about situations, yet knowing I must persevere because I had been in this kind of place many times before; ONLY to see ‘God’s Hand’ and His Faithfulness time and time again.  But as I said on the phone, it seems the trials are getting harder and longer to stay in.  And that’s because the roots are going down deeper --in Him-- each time.

Thank you so much for sharing, Dear Sister!


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